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The HERS Rater and BPI Building Analyst (BA) combination course is designed to allow the student to learn the bulk of the information using web based training in the evenings with only 2 days of on-site field training and testing, per certification, to be held in Charleston, SC.

HERS Rater

HERS Rater training is designed to prepare candidates to take the RESNET National Core Competency Exam which is the first step to becoming a certified HERS Rater.

BPI – Building Analyst

Building Analyst training is designed to prepare candidates to take the BPI BA exam. The Building Analyst certification program focuses on the evaluation of existing homes for energy efficiency, combustion safety and indoor air quality.
Both courses will utilize web based training to review the building science fundamentals and understanding home performance. The first two weeks of training for each certification will be the same. Week 3 training will differentiate between the HERS Rater and the BPI training courses. Students can choose between either certification or attend both classes.